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I Met Nana Mizuki

April 27, 2014

If you didn’t know already, yes, I won the lottery. I must once again thank my friends who bought the album through me. I managed to get a total of 7 tickets, which is obviously the perfect number. I actually had a bit of a scare at first because of the rules regarding applying only through a smart phone and needing to show the winning email on your phone but Japan dumb phones are still pretty good. Anyway, I’ll skip other boring stuff and go straight to the event.


After I got my ticket and phone and ID checked, they gave me my seating ticket, which was completely random. I didn’t think much of it at first and then realized…I was 2nd row, dead center. Literally the only better spots were right in front of me. They were handing the tickets out from like a bucket of disorganized cards so it was definitely random and I was hardly early, so I can only thank luck. Also note that this stage was small so the distance between the front row and the stage was maybe 20 cm. So handshake aside, I would be really close to her for a good amount of time. Also, the hall had a balcony-like area behind me for a total of maybe 300-ish people.

Lights go out and Mishi-P comes out on stage. He says how it’s Friday which means there’s school/work and stuff soooo no we totally didn’t skip. I mean, maybe we left a little early but no we totally didn’t skip out on real life responsibilities. I just moved all my Friday work to Thursday. I am a good student. Then he says how the earlier sessions (because there were 3 sessions on Friday, 2:30, 4:30, and 6:30pm, where I went to the last one) had a lot of people who admitted to taking a “holiday.” This producer schedules stuff in the middle of the day and then tells us we shouldn’t be taking holidays for it pfffft. After that, he signals Nana to come out onto the stage.

1st Floor, 2nd row, dead center.

1st Floor, 2nd row, dead center.

Nana was wearing a pretty cute white dress. But oh my god I was so close to her. Definitely already was closer than ever before, by far, maybe 2 meters away. She and Mishi-P mention how when they talked about where to hold the event, she decided it had to be here, Yamaha Hall, where she held her first concert ever in 2000. Then she invites some special guests, Itaruvic and Tom-kun. I was unsure but that confirms it, she was going to sing. She says she will sing a song from that first concert: Thermidor. I admit Thermidor is better with its full version, especially that full orchestra but still, hearing it with Nana like 2 meters away from me was just like omggjghjghg such goddess. So beautiful. It’s a completely different experience having Nana singing literally right in front of you. I could actually distinguish between her actual voice and her amplified voice through the speakers, I was that close. I was sad at not winning tickets to any small venue but this was actually the smallest venue I could hope for and I had one of the best seats…it was just such a perfect experience. Afterwards, she said she wanted to sing one more song, this time from the new album (!). Since we were in Yamaha Hall, it is a fitting song. (OH MY GOD FATE PLEASE) Then she says it’s Ai no Hoshi. Well, I do absolutely love this more than any of her ballads so okay Nana, I’ll take an acoustic rendition. [Update: Turns out she sang FATE at the Osaka and Nagoya events. SIGHHHHH] Afterwards, Nana says how she will go now and meet us later ehhhhh. Mishi-P says how we will be escorted outside to the lobby and line up for the handshake, starting from the back, so us front people are last. “We get to be together for awhile.” lol. He talks about stuff like Live Flight and the youtube channel and the Akio Winter Festa jokes (“for those who weren’t there, there was a bit of an ‘incident.'” lol). Then he mentioned something about some awesome fan and a guy in front and to my right is like “oh that’s me.” And the two talk real friendly as Mishi-P asks what sort of present he has for Nana. So he actually unpackages the gift to show everyone. It has a pic of Nana from like middle school or maybe high school lol. That’s pretty amazing. He also made a really nice New Year’s card but I must’ve missed something cause New Years was awhile ago…then Mishi-P is like “okay guys I have a question. Who here is Nana’s biggest fan?” The guy next to the previous fan says he’s been a fan for x years. I didn’t catch it but probably more than 10. Well, I thought I heard 17 but is that really possible lol? A second guy says something I didn’t hear but people didn’t seem that impressed. And then…and then I raised my hand. “I’m American.” Mishi-P is like wait what really? What’re you doing here? I say how I really love Nana so I came to Japan. He repeats me and the crowd is like woooooah this guy is an actual crazy stalker, and then he asks me what my parents thought about me hahahaha. Then my Japanese just died as I tried to explain and then I just stumbled over words combined with what is Japanese and…wow I regret that moment so much. Mind went totally blank and I completely missed my chance to ask Nana’s producer about sending her to U.S. for a concert. I have failed all American Nana fans.  Also this whole thing was recorded on camera so I am going to be so embarrassed if it ever gets published…I don’t really remember what happened after cause I was just thinking well I suck at this talking thing @_@

nana mizuki, supernal liberty

Art by でーぜる

Fast forward to the main event. I hear Nana talking around the corner. Such a cute and perfect voice. I turn the corner, and I can see her interacting with the fans ahead of me. One guy says she is very cute. Yeah of course she is. It’s right before my turn. I’m pretty sure I could not stop smiling. I keep reciting the planned lines in my head so I don’t mess up. Then it’s my turn. I tell her I’m American and she’s like “ohh really?” as I shake her hand. Just FYI, Nana has the softest, gentlest, warm and tender, kindest hands ever. I tried to tell her how I moved to Japan so I could go to her concerts (cause I just told Mishi-P this, so obviously I have enough practice). Nope can’t even get out more than that first line before I start uncontrollably stuttering, all while she just stares at me with the most patient, kind eyes and smile and thanks me. As the staff ushers me out (they only gave me like 10 secs, which is understandable but didn’t help when you factor in my inability to speak), I try to tell her to come to America but I still stuttered a lot and butchered the Japanese. Sigh. I really suck at this talking thing.

Anyway that was how the event went. Actually, getting to talk to Mishi-P was a really exciting part, and hopefully, despite my failure, America won some points in places Nana will eventually hold a concert. Other news: twitter account for Live Flight, further implication that Nana’s PR team is actually going to be using social media like this and youtube more often. Concert BDs are in a month, and to my extreme delight, both the Mika harp duet and the Hikasa Yoko duet will be specially added to the BDs! Definitely can’t wait to see those performances (even though I already saw the latter live hehe). Live Flight begins shortly after, and as I said before, I will be attending the first and last concerts. Also I have like a million presentations/reports to do urgh.



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  1. Wow, that’s crazy! What an experience! Don’t worry so much about the stuttering and so forth. When I met my favorite author a few months back, I got very nervous and asked a question with such weird structure, that the author had to ask me to clarify before she could answer. And I was speaking English. 😛

    • haha yeah I sometimes do it in English too so Japanese just made it even worse.

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