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Nana Mizuki Live Flight 2014 Yamanashi

June 26, 2014

Sooo this is a lot later than planned. Lots of things happened. I think I’m going to have forgotten a lot of MCs but I’ll try my best @_@


Day 1

Day 1 is not actually concert day 1. Unfortunately, there was only one live this weekend. I bought a bus-hotel package offered to Nana fans and decided to do the weekend one to guarantee goods. So the bus left Shinjuku around 9am and drops us all off right next to the goods line, and it’s straight into the 3.5 hour queue. And honestly 3.5 hours is a lot faster than it normally is so yay. Managed to get all the goods I (and friends…@_@) wanted but a combination of buying too many goods and me trying to keep track of the count in Japanese resulted in getting one less Nanaca than I should’ve. Afterwards, I scavenged for food, and then found some other fans to trade Nanaca with in order to complete a 2nd set. It was pretty interesting to see them all gather around and discuss the fairest trade. It was around 3pm now and I was conflicted about whether to stand in line to go rides or just sit around and rest until the bus came to pick us up at 5pm. Oh, so for those who aren’t aware, this live was held at Fuji-Q Highland, where Mt. Fuji was quite visible and is an amusement park. This weekend, anyone with a Nana ticket got free access to the amusement park. I heard tickets are normally like $60-ish, which sounds right for an amusement park, so that’s a kinda good deal for the Nana ticket. The catch is you don’t really have time to enjoy all the rides (lines) because Nana. Anyway, I didn’t really want to stand in MORE lines the same day, so I wandered into the bus waiting zone where I see like 10 Nana fans (all carrying goods) sleeping, and I’m just like well, guess I’ll join them.


I got to the hotel and shared the room with 2 other fans. Now, originally, I was a little disappointed at the bus because it was about half full and they organized the seats perfectly so that everyone was as far from each other as possible, so I didn’t have the chance to meet anyone. That plus everyone went to sleep anyway. But being forced into the same living space meant being forced to make friends! Heh. So yeah, they seemed impressed I was from America but didn’t press any questions. Then dinnertime…it was a dining hall full of Nana fans (well, 1/4 of it at least). Also it was a buffet and I took full advantage of eating as much delicious food as I could. Pretty much everyone was talking about Nana (duh) and at one point, this guy comes and lays out like 10 Nana arena tickets to various venues for sale. After that, it was still like 7pm, so my 2 roommates just talk about Nana the rest of the night while I, with my terrible Japanese, just listen and interject like once every 20min. One of the guys was a fan since 2003 – Live Attraction! He said he didn’t join her fanclub until 2005’s Live Rocket because for the first time he couldn’t get a ticket and was just like welp better join fan club. Still got a number in the 5000 (meanwhile, I’m in the 50,000). There was so much Nana chat that I can’t recall or will even bother to write it all, but it was glorious. They talked about stuff like queueing goods in the rain, Nana fan club events, sleeping in for goods (lolgg), buying multiple copies for tokuten like it’s the most normal thing in the world, and some recent things that I was able to chime in on like handshake event which only I was able to go ha! At one point there was a song name one couldn’t remember and I ask for a short description and I’m just like “Nostalgia?” yup it was Nostalgia. They were impressed by my Nana knowledge lol. The next morning I got woken up by some anime character alarm. Not sure who cause I was still sleepy but was amusing.



Day 2

Buffet for breakfast which was a little sad because I can’t eat much in the morning, especially at 7:30am, since breakfast closed at 8…Anyway, if I get the chance for next year’s summer tour, I’ll definitely do this bus+hotel thing again. The bus dropped as back off at Fuji-Q around 11-ish, even though the concert didn’t start until 4:30. I guess we’re supposed to enjoy the amusement park, but between like 1.5 hour lines and not wanting to be exhausted for the concert, we had time for like 1-2 rides max. I also met up with another foreign fan and we hung out for a bit and headed over to the concert venue. It was a lot smaller than I expected, which meant I would be that much closer to Nana. I was somewhat close to the center on the left (Nana’s right) side. Except there were a lot of heads so ~_~ Anyway, as the seats fill, this like 5 year old girl dressed as Nana’s Lovely Fruit waitress outfit sits near me and everyone is like omggggg so cute. All I caught was her saying she likes Nana. Wonder what her parents are like, indoctrinating such a little girl in Nana-ism…Also, since this was an outside venue, it was hot. Maybe not summer heat, but it was still outside so ugh. At some point, there were some Akio calls, I guess because he made a short appearance, but I couldn’t see. And then the opening movie starts…there is some little girl who finds some crystallized person, so drags some pilot guy to it and stuff…idk this was even more abstract than usual for Nana. Well, maybe about the same but it was too short to draw any conclusions. Anyway, halfway through, Little Busters’ A World Where Nothing Happened I mean Virgin Code starts playing and…


YESSSSSSSSS. Best opening to album is best opening to Live Flight. I’ve been switching between this and Guilty as my favorite from the new album, but hearing it live confirms it – Virgin Code is my favorite. This song is just toooo good, and it is seriously such a good opening song. It was a little odd because being new songs, the audience choreography is not perfect yet (which would prove to be problematic a lot this time) but I didn’t really care because VIRGIN CODEEEEEE.

2. Preserved Roses

Woah wait what, Nana is pulling out Valvrave for the opening act? Well, I do like Preserved Roses a lot more than Kakumei Dualism, so I was really happy she decided to sing this over the latter. Also, I’m still wondering when they will decide to just stop playing TMR’s track in the background when the audience can sing his part so well. Please, real duet with Nana and audience. Though I should probably get around to carrying my weight and learning more of the lyrics in that case oops.

3. Stay Gold

This was unexpected too. I guess Nana would be balancing new songs with old songs, so it wouldn’t all be the new album, but Stay Gold is nowhere on my radar of songs I expect to hear. Then again, it was the ending theme for M no Sekai for a good amount of time. Either way, while I don’t like it all that much, it’s still a fairly hype song, keeping the entire opening act really high powered.

Fuji-Q pics cause why not

Fuji-Q pics cause why not


Nana welcomes everyone to Live Flight and sort of forgets to give the “presented by Aniplex etc.” lines. She also included Japan Airlines this time, which I’m not sure if that’s actually true or not or if…something I will mention later. Btw, she is wearing a pilot uniform, which I forgot to mention. Nana mentions how it is so hot, and if we’re all okay. I know people have passed out from heat stroke at Nana lives before, so it’s a fair concern! She mentioned how previously, it was really hot in the day but suddenly got cold during night, which I did see get mentioned earlier and was prompted to bring a jacket just in case, but turns out that was completely unneeded. Nana says how she’s only been here for Prits before. She also mentions Mt. Fuji, which only she can see because she’s facing it while we have our backs to a bunch of trees and it. She reminds us how at Live Grace I, she said she wanted to perform on Mt. Fuji….but I guess this is the best she’ll get. Then she asks if we’re ready for more songs. Of course!

4. Million Ways = One Destination

Nana takes off her jacket, but is otherwise wearing the same outfit. Million Ways = One Destination is somewhere in the upper middle of songs I liked from the album. I felt it was lacking but hearing it live was very different, in an improved Nana way…I say this every time about every song I didn’t like pre-live don’t I?  Anyway, this made it 2/2 for album songs I wanted to hear at Live Flight. Still waiting on a few more…

5. Eternal Blaze

WHAAAAT. Nana please too fast. I’m kinda upset the legendary song came out so early. We were so unprepared for it, and because it was outside and the sun was still out, there was a terrible lack of penlights. I mean, we were waving them, but there was no sea of orange because the sunlight drowned it all out T_T It was a disappointing Eternal Blaze, but that said, it was as fun as always.

6. Fun Fun People

So I know I said I got bored of this song fairly quickly, but I also said I really liked it too. I haven’t really been listening to this as much as other album songs for said reason, so I sort of felt the same way as I did when I first listened to the leak. Anyway, this song live is soooo fun. The singing parts are so great, and Nana got really into it as well. “Oh yeah!” “Oh no!” Hehehe Nana so cute being all excited singing that.

7. ドラマティックラブ

And now another catchy song. This is one of the songs that’s like slightly above average catchy when you listen at home and then you hear it live and the audience changes everything. It has some pretty fun penlight choreography and chanting, but that said, I think it fails as a follow up to Fun Fun People which was just…really fun.

8. 笑顔の行方

Meh, as I explained before, I’m not a fan of this cover. Possibly my least favorite song of the album. It wasn’t even a matter of Nana vocals carrying the song; I just couldn’t really get into it. Nothing else to say, but it’s not really a Nana song so ha.



Now Nana is wearing some cute flowery dress. She talked about how some cosplayers (I think?) and how there was a Vitalization one which was really impressive. She asked if that person was around but it didn’t seem she was there. Nana is like “aww I hope we meet in the future, Vitalization-san,” lol. Then she talks about how it’s summer and she wanted to do something special. Hmmm? And she says how at the handshake event, she got a lot of requests for character songs. Ohhhh? And then they bring out a large die, reminiscent of the one from Winter Festa. On it are 5 different character songs and a star. The star means someone from the band gets to choose. So Nana rolls the die and it just barely avoids the star and lands on…

9. GAMBAらなくちゃね

How many people even know this song? I admit, I didn’t know this song. It’s a song from Prits (Sister Princess group) from like 10 years ago. Actually, it’s not even strictly a Prits song because it was a cover song Prits did. Either way, I’m pretty sure most people weren’t familiar with it, but it was pretty enjoyable. I have a feeling it was one of those songs where Nana’s vocals just dominate the melody to make it enjoyable.


Nana does a short MC about the song and how she was super nervous. Apparently she didn’t even rehearse the song lol. I sure couldn’t tell cause it sounded perfect to me. Nana too good. Then she moves on to the next song.

10. 空時計

Soradokei is a nice song that gets largely overshadowed by its other single songs Astrogation and Dancing in the Velvet Moon. Can’t compete with those. So, while I’d still prefer the super great songs I have yet to hear live, I am always pleased when she does a less popular song that I still like because it’s usually a surprise.

11. FATE

Nana sits down on the stairs and FATE starts. FINALLYYYYY. I was sooooo sad when she sang this at Nagoya and Osaka but NOT at Tokyo handshake events. I guess I still only had to wait like a month, but still. I love this song. Hearing it live, not as much as Ai no Hoshi. I think Ai no Hoshi will stay in my top for quite awhile longer. Regardless, this is the ballad of the album, and despite me repeatedly saying I’m not a ballad person, Nana’s ballad singing is just too beautiful. Like what stop I don’t like this kind of music but…Nana too good @_@ Also the lyrics are pretty great.


Ahahaha here it is. Here. It. Is. I actually talked to the other foreign fan about this and we were just like yes please she better sing Guilty, also the lyrics lol Nana please what are you thinking. Putting aside how amazingly catchy this song is for a moment, Nana, what in the world are you thinking asking Sayuri to write a song about a sexually loose woman? Pleeeeeease. This isn’t even subtle anymore. And her dancing was supposed to be sexy or something but Nana is too cute to pull anything like that off effectively. But yeah this song is soooo catchy. Like probably even catchier than Get My Drift? It was really enjoyable but I will never be able to get over these lyrics.

13. Still in the Groove

Heh. So the previous day while queuing, this song played and I thought how nice it would be to hear it. And here it is! Yay! Definitely one of the better older Nana songs. I enjoyed it a lot.




Okay, as I alluded to in Guilty, Nana is also wearing what is supposedly some sexy outfit, but really it’s just showing more skin than usual. But of course there are ero-shishou calls. And of course Nana feels the need to explain in detail why it’s sexy and the camera zooms in on her skirt and people are like 「あれ?これはちょっとやばいよ。」and the camera quickly moves away and then they ask for more….these people what are you thinking such bad things about Nana-sama for. Then again, it’s totally her fault for teasing. Then there’s a mawatte call and Nana asks us to call her name like we did for Mishi-P. So we do and she does, as well as a second time.

14. 理想論

Omg it’s Risouron. Now, the full orchestral arrangement in 2013 was preeeetty good, but the original is really amazing and strong already. I’ve been wanting to hear this since it was first released, so I’m glad I can cross this off the endless list of Nana songs to hear live heh.

15. アンティークナハトムジーク

Okay, so this was one of the least surprising songs. It was pretty obvious she’d sing this and Arpassionato. I’ve said I’m not too big of a fan of either song. As a first live performance, it also had some coordination issues, but most people were enjoying. Not to say I wasn’t enjoying it but compared to Risouron, yeaaah not going to cut it for me.


There’s a movie with Nana taking off in a plane and travelling to Live Flight. Then she connects her little communication screen to…Aoi…Aoi Yuuki. Hahahaha so Aoi Yuuki totally makes a guest appearance in the Nana tour film. If we’re doing newer seiyuu, I have an entire list I prefer over her, but I guess with Symphogear and having actually worked closely to her, it makes the most sense. Anyway, there is some trouble in Nana’s plane and she crashes! D: She wakes up and stumbles upon the person shown at the start of the concert. I guess she was the little girl? Not sure, too abstract, too little information.

16. 革命デュアリズム

So despite me saying she chose Preserved Roses over Kakumei, she ends up singing both. This time, Nana gets on a little make-shift airplane and goes around the stage. As usual, the announce sings TMR’s parts. I admit I know the lyrics better to this than Preserved Roses though. My block is next to Nana’s pathway and I get that situation where being in the front of the block is now infinitely worse than the back of the block. She was looking the other way the whole time though, and then just as I give up, she spins around and stares directly at me (not really) and proceeds to cover my side. I swear she practices this timing to ensure she looks at every angle possible.


As much as I say I have complaints with this song, I will say Nana’s vocals were quite impressive with this. It’s definitely not a straightforward song as far as melody and vocals go, so it has that going for it. I do/did enjoy it a lot,  but yeah, the song just seems to have several good elements that don’t go well together.




Nana is wearing a red dress that reminds me of the one from Live Diamond except it’s…longer I guess? It allows for more swirling when dancing – that kinda thing. She talks about Supernal Liberty and Arpassionato that I do not recall at all…I think she also brought up the Live Circus BDs and asked who watched it all and some people said she did. “Hey wait, normally that should take 11 hours.” Well Nana it’s been like 3 days since it came out so watching 11 hours of concert video is 100% possible.

18. New Sensation

Another pretty old song that I did not expect at all. I would associate it with Still in the Groove as far as old school Nana songs which are really good. In fact, New Sensation actually ranked 16th at Winter Festa (previously 13th), so maybe its ranking played a role in her choosing it as part of the setlist. Anyway, great old song from Nana that I’m glad I got to hear.

19. Rock you baby!

Mmmm I think I like Fun Fun People more, which is weird because my opinion was the opposite before the live. Well, not too weird I guess since that means one is better looped and one is better live. It just wasn’t particularly a significant improvement over the recording.


Yay Power Gate. I think anything I have to say about this is the same as always. It’s Power Gate yo, such hype. Although, this time Nana didn’t do many calls – only guys and girls, so the most basic ones. Was a little sad; one day she will do a gaijin call!


Nana says how the concert is almost over, and the next song is the last one. Actually, this was the first song she decided on for the setlist when the tour was decided. Live Flight, so that means the next and final song is…

21. Miracle Flight

Yeah about time. Surprised Nana saved it for the final song. I mean, I’m sure everyone thought of this song when the theme of the tour was announced to be Live Flight. It was pretty weird to hear it again though because while I like it a lot, it’s not a song she sings often, yet she sang it at Live Circus 2013 Seibu Dome, and now it’s basically the theme song of 2014 summer tour, so she’ll probably sing it at every venue. I’m not complaining though; I really like it.


22. 時空サファイア

Wow. The guy next to me went crazy with excitement. I guess he’s a huge fan of the song. I’m not, but like most Nana songs, I enjoy it for what it is. It’s not a song I would put on my wish list though. I admit, however, the excitement of my neighbor made it more fun than it would’ve otherwise been for me. Nanatardism is contagious, I think…

23. セツナキャパシティ

Woah another album song in the encore. I’m pretty sure there were other examples earlier, but I’d like to point out that very first performances of songs can sometimes be bad as people just did not know what to do with their penlights. There was like basic waving that was fine, but there were also parts where like 1/3 would jump or like 1/2 would shout and it was just messy and disorganized. Unfortunate, but hopefully we all figure out coordination by the end of the tour.



Nana has an announcment…her Taiwan concert will be in October! Not that there were many options. But…she’s also going to have a Singapore live! Not just Valvrave Night, but an actual solo live this time. She notes how she really wanted to have a full live in Singapore after AFA, but she’s also worried about learning English. “This is a pain,” so she said, in English. Nana worrying about her English is pretty cute…well, I suppose to be fair, she’s always cute, but that’s beside the point.


I think I’ve said it before, but I am in the minority of people who do not like Discotheque. Well, I guess I don’t dislike it, and it’s grown on me hearing it live, but still not a fan. Too cutesy for me. There might be so R+V bias going on here too since that show was soooo bad. Considering it’s a fan pleaser though, it’s a good song to end the concert with, I will admit. Also I can’t remember when, but at some point some near the end, fireworks went off. As nice as it was, I was hoping they would do something else cause I knew this would just feel like a weak rip off of Union’s Hoshizora performance.

I know I definitely missed a lot; this was not a full report that I would’ve liked to do. Sorry, real life things and stuff. AND IN OTHER NEWS. Live Flight Air 6 was cancelled due to Nana getting laryngitis. It is unfortunate that a concert was cancelled due to her health for the very first time in history, but the fan response has been nothing short of amazing. No one has complained, and everyone has emphasized they care about Nana’s health more than concerts. Ironically, Nana doesn’t seem to get this as instead of resting like we want her to, she spent the night crying in frustration at letting down her fans. Uhh yeah Nana, you care about us waaaay too much. Please invest some of that love into your own health. Anyway, as of now, Mishi-P said she would have 3 days of rest and the rest of the tour would continue as planned. I really hope Nana gets all the rest she needs and doesn’t push herself to finish the tour only to relapse or get worse as she’s exactly the type of person who would do that, and this sentiment has been echoed across the Japanese community as well. Nana, please take care, stop pushing yourself, and rest well.

UPDATE – Air 7 and 8  this weekend have been cancelled. Incredibly relieved. Hopefully she can recover completely over the next week.


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  1. Thanks for the report! Its always a nice read Nana and her and the fans wacky adventures. But i have to correct you about Miracle Flight. Its featured on 7 live releases, she sings it often enough apperantly.

    Also, Nana should rest more in general.

    • That statistic is misleading due to all the lives that don’t get released. But you’re right she’s sung it more than I recall.

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