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Nana Mizuki Live Flight 2014 Yokohama Stadium

September 26, 2014

Could this be any later? Probably. Oh well.

I’m going to be a bit lazier with this report as far as repetitive setlist goes, although Nana did make some interesting changes for the final flight. For this concert, my friend, who I’ve been raising as a Nanatard for some time, flew to Japan so we hung out and ate some Nana curry and watched the new Rurouni Kenshin movie (which was really good) before Sunday, the day of the concert. We got there somewhat late because I was hoping the queue would be short and I could just grab a couple items fast enough, but unfortunately the line was not what I’d hoped. I already got everything I really wanted at Yamanashi, except for maybe the Yokohama specific T-shirt, so I was fine just skipping out on goods. We went inside to find our seats and although I got tickets for the stands in row W, which sounded pretty bad because it wasn’t even arena, it ended up being closer than I expected, as far as not-arena seats go. We talked about what to expect for the concert based on previous lives during the tour and I noted how there were a bunch of wires above us that might indicate something related to the tour theme…

The opening movie started and everyone got up and cheered as usual. And then,


1. Virgin Code

Nana appeared in the sky riding a plane! I thought she’d just be on stage again like Yamanashi but this time she rode a mini airplane as she sang one of my favorite Supernal Liberty songs. When she finally landed in center stage, it was like “ah, this concert has really begun.”

2. Next Arcadia

The second song changed to Next Acadia which is definitely a song I’m glad to hear. That piano arrangement is pretty good. Except, as usual, piano gets drowned out by Nana’s overly powerful voice. Heh.

3. Kakumei Dualism

A big flag went up in my head when she pulled Kakumei Dualism out this early. This had always been somewhere in the middle of the setlist so getting this so early meant something different for sure. I was disappointed this probably meant no Preserved Roses, since, as I always say, I prefer that so much more.


Nana welcomes everyone to the stage as usual and says how there are 32k people here. It’s the final flight of her tour, so she hopes everyone has a lot of fun. She also mentioned how since it’s the last flight, she has a special surprise in store for us…

4. Million Ways = One Destination

Again, same as last time. I like the song but it just doesn’t feel complete, and this is emphasized even more live.

5. Don’t be Long

So I, and probably many others, were so expecting Eternal Blaze. As I said last report, Eternal Blaze outside at 5pm is sad because the sunlight completely drowns out the penlights which kills the mood. (By the way, Yokohama Stadium is also open air) So I was constantly complaining about how this performance would be sad again but Nana switches it up at the last flight so after a couple notes, I was like “waaaait. This isn’t Eternal Blaze; it’s Don’t be Long!” Excellent. Nanoha songs are all really, really good so can’t complain buuuuut where is my Brave Phoenix? D:

6. Fun Fun People

Fun Fun People is fun. Nana definitely does not sing it according to the recorded version and I don’t mean that in terms of vocal strength but actual pronunciation. I guess she’s having too much fun~


7. Dramatic Love

Huh honestly I did not enjoy this as much as I usually would.

8. Egao no Yuukue

During this song, a bunch of giant balloon-filled balls came out from somewhere and everyone in the arena got to bounce them around until they popped, releasing all the balloons inside. Then everyone in the arena used the balloons as penlights because it was still bright outside, so that actually worked out pretty well. It was fun to watch and made the song more enjoyable.


Nana announced her new single which will be released on October 15th. It’s been a long time since Vitalization. Furthermore, it’s her 30th single! That’s a lot of music. One of the songs will be the ending theme to the new Yamato movie and another song will be the opening to the most stacked seiyuu cast anime Cross Ange. Like, it is literally the most stacked cast since I don’t even know when. Reminds me a bit of how the Shining game series tends to dump money into its cast but even more than that. Then she pulled out the dice as usual and it landed on the star. So Aniki ended up choosing Desire, probably because Nana had mentioned it rarely came up this tour.

9. DESIRE-情熱

Well, I’d say among the 5 songs, this is the one I wanted to hear most, so yay! It’s pretty rare for Nana to sing character songs (though, that was the whole reason she did this die rolling character song in the first place), so it’s a nice treat, but I’d really love to get some Symphogear character songs one day.

10. Soradokei

The next few songs were the same, so I don’t have any real comments. Even if this were changed to Hikari, I don’t think I’d have been all that excited.

11. Fate

Again, even if it’s no Ai no Hoshi, still a really good ballad and one of the better songs from Supernal Liberty.

12. Guilty

And it’s Guilty again. So catchy. So good.

13. Still in the Groove

Same as before, good song, but I was hoping to get Soredemo instead.


Nana explains again about her outfit for Guilty. It was really similar to the MC at Yamanashi at least, so lots of repeated lines and…camera angles…

14. Undercover

So I’ve wanted to hear this song ever since the full orchestral arrangement in 2011. I guess I’ll still have to choose that arrangement over the original, but it’s definitely one of the older songs I didn’t listen to much back then before hearing it from Live Grace.

15. アンティークナハトムジーク

Still don’t particularly find this song all that great. I think I forgot to mention it last time, but Nana wore a purple overcoat just for this song.

So at this point the tour video with Aoi Yuuki played again…or so  I thought. This time Arino of Yoiko was also included in the video. He pretended to be Nishikawa and sang and Nana was just like “you suck at this.” Then he teased Nana and she’s just all “hidoi,” so cute. I didn’t catch the specifics of most of his teasing but it sounded Sugita-esque. Maybe that’s just my imagination, since if it was Sugita, we’d get something like this instead:


Anyway, the video was really long and I was wondering why they spent so long on it before proceeding to the rest of the video which was the same. I didn’t think deeply about it though I was just like “wow this video has gone on for awhile…”

16. Vitalization – Aufwachen Form-

And then I knew why. Nana appeared, not on stage, but in the sky. Now, as any Nana fan would know, she’s flown before. But that was always 2D flight where she simply was in a standing position and wires carried her either forward/backwards or up/down. And that’s what I was expecting, hoping for, even because this is Live Flight. Nope. Nana comes flying in with wires that allow for 3D flight in both spatial motion and her actual physical motion. It was by far the best moment of the concert. Seeing Nana just swoop down like a bird angel and flying in fairly fluid motion. I actually think the crowd forgot about penlight choreography because we were all just so excited. But you know what, here’s a video so you can catch a small, ever so tiny, fractional glimpse of her celestial, supernal perfection.

17. アパッシオナット

Ummm entire crowd was still on an epic high from that flying so I don’t recall this other than “Nana was flying.”

18. Eternal Blaze

Yes! It was dark by now so Eternal Blaze with full orange light after Nana flew like she was Fate Testarossa. Glorious.


“I flew.” Yeah, we could tell, Nana. She talks about how it was like she was a mahou shoujo and she was borrowing the powers of Feito. Or perhaps she was more like Tsubasa. Either way, since mahou shoujo tends to be some of her best roles, I suppose it’s fitting.

19. New Sensation

Even though I like the song, since I already heard it at Yamanashi, I wasn’t particularly thrilled to hear it again.

20. Rock you baby!

Don’t have much to say about this either. It was the towel song of the tour, so that made it more fun than it probably would be otherwise.

21. Power Gate

Power Gate!!! I was translating the calls for my friend so he didn’t mess up. Other than that, it was standard Power Gate – super amazing and fun.

22. Miracle Flight

And finally, the theme song of the tour, Miracle Flight. Yay. Nana left and the encore calls began as per usual.

23. 時空サファイア

I’m sad I ended up getting this song again. Not that I don’t like it, but less variety.

24. セツナキャパシテイ

Well this song wasn’t going to change. Descriptions so short now, I should’ve just lumped all the songs together.


Nana then makes an announcement. Her next live will be. January 17-18th. Saitama Super Arena. Acoustic Live! Honestly, I’m sad at that because acoustic corners are really nice but an entire live doesn’t sound exhilarating. That’s also 2 years of being in Japan and I don’t get an actual winter live, which is me getting really unlucky. I can’t complain though when Nana specifically says as much as she enjoys the fun lives, sometimes she wants to just sit down and have a relaxing one. She says how the next song is a special one. Areee? So this entire time I’m expecting Discotheque and I’m trying to match her words to that and then I’m just like uhhh this doesn’t describe Discotheque at all; it’s describing something like…

25. Innocent Starter

Yay. Super nice surprise. I mean, I’ll personally always choose powerful songs over ballads (except Ai no Hoshi cause how is that song so beautiful) but hey, Innocent Starter is one of her best songs. It was really nice to hear it again.

26. Discotheque

And now the finale which I was expecting. Not really a fan, but it’s a fun song.


Double Encore

The lights don’t come on, confirming a double encore. Nana comes out after some time and says she wants to spend more time with us. I…I want to spend more time with you too, Nana…then she starts talking about our Mizuki Blue penlights and something about how if you look up, you can see the power of the sky (okay this is definitely not what she said, but that’s the general meaning I grasped)  soooo she will fly one more time! Yesssss that 3D flight was waaaay too epic to only get once. The staff comes to hook her up to the wires and Nana tries to kill time talking about the contraption which apparently was imported from America! Then she’s like “sa….saaa….sasasa!!!” as the staff takes a lot of time. She then just spends like 1-2min waiting and repeating “sa” (at one point I said Sasasasami, for those who get the joke) and she felt embarrassed having us all watch her. After much time, it was finally ready and Nana could announce: since we are holding Mizuki blue penlights and the stadium’s team color is what it is, the next song is…

27. Aoi Iro

I did not know the team’s mascot color. I was just thinking, well Astrogation is like a blue song and stars are kind of like the sky maybe that works. Oh well. Either way, Aoi Iro ended up being a nice song to end the concert with. Nana flew pretty close to me a couple times, which was pretty exciting.

And then the concert was over. Since I’m so late on this, I suppose there are a few Nana related things to note. Flight+ is…tomorrow orz. In preparation for the Singapore concert, Nana has been studying English. In fact, she made a series of “Let’s Study English” videos available to fanclub members featuring her talking with Evan, who worked on Crown of Avalon. They are pretty hilarious, and I really look forward to Nana’s absurdly adorable and terrible Engrish on stream. Also, 禁断のレジスタンス is the title of her upcoming single. The leak of Kindan was featured on her latest M no Sekai episode. It is pretty generic anison with the exception of a couple parts, so I like it. BLUE (Aoko/Dead Blue anyone?)  had a really short teaser in a Yamato CM. It doesn’t sound like it’ll be able to compete with Ai no Hoshi. Also, with Dog Days S3 coming winter, I’d assume we’ll get another single in Jan/Feb. Oh also the cover for the single is amazing. I haven’t liked a cover this much since uhhh I don’t even know. My goodness, how is Nana so good.

kindan no resistance



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