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Kaze in Japan 2014

January 2, 2015

A look back at all the events I attended in 2014.

1/11 – ELISA Acoustic Vol2: contrary to what it may have seemed like, I started the year with an ELISA acoustic live. I somehow manged to get a front and center seat. She’s improved a lot since her debut in 2007, but still has a ways to go, especially holding longer notes. Either way, it was kind of interesting to realize she has a pretty small fanbase, and that I’m probably one of the few people around to have followed her since her debut, even if that was more a result of being a fan of Tenmon’s compositions than her singing.
1/18-19 Nana Mizuki Winter FestaOf course then there was Winter Festa. A relative disappointment in the sense that I really wanted a legit winter live, but it was a fun event that only happens once in 7 years, so I can count myself lucky in that regard. The best parts were when Nana asked if any foreigners were there and I got to answer, and then the premier of Ladyspiker, which I really want to hear again.
2/11 – Sunshine Creation: Unexpectedly, I ended up going to SC since a friend invited me. It was a pretty small doujin convention, but the boats were as popular as ever. In particular, I remember Hamakaze doujins being for sale even though her art had been released like 4 days ago.
4/25 – Nana Mizuki Handshake Event: The highlight of my year, or perhaps life, meeting Nana Mizuki in person, talking to her face to face, and shaking her hand. Wow. Even getting a few lines with Mishi-P was a completely unexpected but fun surprise. And of course, I was in the 2nd row and center seats. I don’t think I’ll ever get to see Nana perform that close to me ever again. Truly a memory for my lifetime.
4/29 – ELISA meeting: I think I found out about this the night before and was just like sure why not. She does a lot of these in Akiba, among other places, to promote her new songs. And since her fanbase is pretty small, it was easy to just walk up there unplanned and chat with her. Her English is actually somewhat above average, for a Japanese person, which I guess isn’t saying much but whatever.
4/29 – Comic1: I don’t actually recall doing this on the same day, but according to the records, they were the same day. Anyway, I pretty much went to Comi1 for the sole purpose of picking up a Nana artbook. I actually ended up meeting Tam of Tamusic there as well so that was interesting.
5/31-6/1 – Nana Mizuki Live Flight YamanashiThe first concert of the Live Flight summer tour. I got to meet several Nana fans and sort of spent the short weekend with them between the hotel and meals that came with the tour package. It was really exhausting though.
8/3 – Nana Mizuki Live Flight YokohamaA long 2 month wait for the final concert of the tour, at least in Japan. The best part of this was one of my friends flying over to experience his first Nana live. The concert itself was better than previous ones, with Nana using more props, most notably 3D flight while singing Vitalization. That was beautifully amazing.
8/16-18 – C86: Shortly after was summer Comiket. Unlike the previous time, I actually knew what I was doing. Unfortunately, I still didn’t manage to get all the loot I wanted to but it was worth the trip. This was also when I stumbled upon a several other Nana fans and met a couple other friends which is the type of thing that makes Comiket worth it for me.
8/31 – Yanagi Nagi Live: August was an eventful month, apparently. I ended it with a Yanagi Nagi live. Perhaps best known for her vocals in Kimi no Shiranai Monogatari of Bakemonogatari, Nagi has done a lot of great stuff since then including a collab album with Maeda Jun. She excels in both soft ballads and strong vocals, though not as good as Nana (but who is). I was a bit disappointed she did so many covers of other songs, but she still did a number of her own, most notably Tokohana.
9/27 – Nana Mizuki Live Flight+ LiveViewing: Next was Nana’s Singapore concert which got streamed to Japan. Got to hear Nana’s English after all her practice, and it was as adorable as ever. Yet the best part was probably when Singapore fans pulled out the flags during Miracle Flight which actually caused Nana to cry out of sheer happiness in the middle of the performance. Lots of respect to Singapore fans for all their hard work.
9/28 – Kitamura Eri Live GivexEvidence: Right after Nana was a KitaEri concert. I have kind of mixed feelings for KitaEri as a singer (although I love her as a seiyuu and radio talk show host), but I figured I’d take the chance to see her live while I’m in Japan since I’ll probably never get another chance. She had some pretty cute MCs. She also ended up singing her entire new single, which wasn’t even released until some time later, and I ended up liking those songs a lot more than a lot of her previous work. I probably wouldn’t pay to go another KitaEri live, though.
11/2 – Shining Fan Festa: The Shining series is notorious for dumping large amounts of money into its voice cast. And one of those voices is of course, Nana Mizuki. Kamiya Hiroshi was there as well and constantly made jokes like “you all are only here to see Nana Mizuki, but that’s okay because I’m the same” hehe. That said, I got to see some live voice acting, and Kamiya’s was actually probably my favorite. Luckily, Lia was there so I got to hear her sing, though if it’s Lia, I really just want to hear her Tori no Uta above anything else. Also Hayamin. Been waiting to see Hayamin for far too long.
12/28-30 – C87: Finally, I ended the year with winter Comiket. I ended up spending the entirety of day 1 in lines to get Holy Breaker and Idol Mahou Shoujo Chiruchiru (the latter of which I’ve already finished reading and enjoyed). I didn’t do much day 2, and day 3 was a pretty suffering battle. I still haven’t gotten a copy of Taishou ptsdpoi. I thought the crowd was worse than usual and turns out it had 210k people, a tie for the current record of attendees, so that explains that. Even so, it was a good, if exhausting, way to end the year.

I did a lot more than I recall this past year. Many of the things I did because I’m in Japan, and I figured I’d take the opportunities while I still have them. For 2015, the only foreseeable things I’ll definitely do are Nana Live Theater in a couple weeks and whatever summer tour she ends up doing and of course summer Comiket. I considered Animelo, but I’m not sure if the cost justifies the few singers I want to see. I might attend KSL but it’s more expensive than I expected. I would definitely like to see Ten-chan and/or Ozawa Ari sometime this year if the chance arises, and I’m always open for more Hayamin. Chiwa Saitou is still someone I’d want to meet but she hasn’t done anything since becoming a housewife.

Aside from events, I’ve shifted a large portion of my free time to reading untranslated VNs. In 2014, I got through the rest of the Grisaia series + spin offs, Tsurioto, and part of Eustia, which isn’t all that much, although I also read several things in English. Current backlog I’d like to clear soon are Holy Breaker, the rest of Eustia, Otorison and Tsurioto2 (or rather, afterafter story). That’ll honestly probably take me through March at least since January is just a super busy month and I still have quite a chunk of Eustia to get through. I do want to read OreTsuba eventually just so I can fully appreciate the literary genius that is Ou Jackson. I guess throw Angel Beats! and Harmonia onto the list once they get released. I’m not sure what else I’d want to tackle, other than Muramasa which is still far in the future due its writing style. If it’s LNs, I’ll probably attempt to try out Romeo Tanaka’s new series. Assuming he writes as slow as he usually does, that should give me a good buffer between volumes. Also anything written by Mizuki Nomura because Nomura.

Anyway, I’m overall satisfied with 2014. Kinda spent more money than I wanted to but…not like I’ll have any events to go to once I leave. 10 months left~


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