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Nana Mizuki Interview with Natalie Partial Translation

January 16, 2015

Today, another Nana interview with Natalie has been published (also the 7th Natalie article featuring Nana. I think that just means interviews?) It pretty much focused on Eden and each of the 4 (!) new songs with some time given to Live Flight. While I’d love to translate the entirety, I don’t have the time, energy, (Live Theater tomorrow) or most importantly, Japanese knowledge to do so. However, there was one part I really wanted to share: Nana’s thoughts on her Singapore performance. Again, my Japanese isn’t that great, so I’m sure there’re a bunch of errors but I think I got the important things right.

– Regarding the international part of the tour, how was the foreign performance?

Nana: In a word, it was insanely fun! But I was very nervous. It was my first solo live in Singapore, and I was wondering whether communication would be okay…that sort of big worries. When I visited Singapore for last year’s event*, I was able to talk directly with the fans at the autograph session and after that, I received fan letters. However, for a one-man live, the nervousness is different. Even so, the moment I appeared on the stage, all of my anxiety vanished. Everyone greeted me so passionately with their penlights and calls, including the 77 people who came from Japan, drawing out my full energy.

– The lecture of the best from Japan.

Nana: I was so happy. Looking at all the fans before the performance, it really was like preparing for a lesson. The live proceeded and all the calls came together… It was like the atmosphere when I first debuted; I was deeply moved. Furthermore, there was even a big surprise at the end! Although Miracle Flight (from the album Alive and Kicking, released December 2004) was the closing song for the domestic tour, it was decided to be the same for the international one too. I think that other songs were probably hard to predict, but it seems they analyzed the setlists in Japan and confirmed “at least the finale will definitely be Miracle Flight!” At that time, everyone simultaneously took out flags! “Our journey has only just begun,” the lyrics from One (from the single TIME SPACE EP, released June 2012), was written on blue flags and everyone began waving them at the same time. Afterwards, I learned from the fans who came from Japan that they distributed the flags before the performance and were very careful not to let it be revealed (laughs).

-That’s some incredible solidarity.

Nana: I couldn’t handle how unexpected it was and began crying. Furthermore, it wasn’t just because the flag was chosen for Miracle Flight, but also because of the quote from One, which I sang in the performance after I came back from cancelling the lives due to my throat issues.**

-What amazing fans. (laughs)

Nana: I was truly surprised. Even if our countries are different, we are connected by the same feelings; it is such bliss. Music, the interpretation of lyrics, and the way of translating are subtly different. But at that stage, the bonds of “Team Mizuki” were firmly connected, and I was deeply moved.

Sorry for my poor translating skills. Actually, this is the first time I’ve translated anything beyond random people asking me what random things say haha, so it’s probably terrible. Either way, I’ll reiterate how impressed I too am by Singapore fans. When Nana started crying during Miracle Flight…it was just too moving. I’m not from Singapore, but as a foreign Nana fan, I think my own feelings were vicariously conveyed, if that can happen. Also since America is a fail country, I know we’d NEVER be able to pull off anything on this level. Sad but true. I don’t think I’ll get around to translating any other part of the interview, but if I get a positive response, I’ll consider doing more translating stuff in the future when I’m not swamped with research and actually have better Japanese (so like, in another 1-2 years).

* referring to AFA 2013
**I’m pretty sure that’s not what Singapore had in mind with the quote, but okay!

Full interview
Singapore’s report on the flag making


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